After a long break (due to the move of the blog and my real life move), it’s time to write my impressions of the next volume of Please Save My Earth, and boy was this one tense volume!


Shion’s recollections continue in this volume. Things now turn grim as the recollections reach the most tense moments of the scientists’ lives. With their mother system blown out of existence, the scientist are left divided as to whether to descend to Earth and live there or to continue watching it from the Moon Base. Shion is convinced that they should go to Earth and tries to force his views on the other scientists, which leads to him being imprisoned. While imprisoned, he strikes a bargain with Mokuren that leads to disastrous consequences and even the cynical Shion is shocked at his own remorse afterwards.

My Thoughts

The volume starts out pretty light with the scientists weeding the base from Mokuren’s song. There are a few moments of inner monologue with Shion about Mokuren and Gyokuran. He’s convinced they are in love. We also see a more tender side of Shion this volume as he telepathically comforts Enju. Something rare when it comes to Shion. :P

Things take a turn for the worse though, as the scientists soon learn of the war and are then unable to find any signals from their mother system. What’s interesting about this is how well Hiwatari captured the hopelessness and total break down of all the scientists through Shions eyes. It’s amazing how well she captures emotions and how realistically she depicts them. This is definitely the biggest aspect of what makes Please Save My Earth so good and worthwhile.

But this isn’t even the darkest part of this volume. It gets worse. After Shion is imprisoned, Mokuren asks him to concede to the team. Cynical Shion thinks she is doing this all for Gyokuren and strikes a deal with her. He’ll concede and trust in her words if she shows him she likes him. He also tells her he loves her and asks for her virginity as proof of her convictions. While Mokuren shows up and enters his cell fully aware of what he is asking, she soon gets cold feet and doesn’t want to sleep with him, especially after Shion mocks her body as being Gyokuren’s to hold and touch. Mokuren cries for him to stop but he goes ahead. As you may remember, I wasn’t too fond of the way rape was handled in Fushigi Yugi volume 9, but PSME 10 does it better. Not quite as well as I would have liked since it still plays into the rape as love trope through Shion’s after thoughts, but it treats the actual rape as a rape. Shion isn’t some love hungry slave, he doing it because he wants to hurt Mokuren and Gyokuran  (whereas Nakago just wanted to stop Miaka from summoning her god), and the rape isn’t swept under the floor like in Fushigi Yugi (aw, you were raped? Well it’s ok, you’re still just as pure). Everyone is disgusted with Shion; Shion himself isn’t unaffected either. It torments him. The one odd thing is Mokuren coming to see him after awhile (since she was sick) and claiming they are man and women. But since that’s how the volume ends, I’m not too sure what to think of this yet, so I’ll defer this until future volumes actually explore it. Another interesting thing is Mokuren still has her Kichi. It was something she was supposed to lose after her virginity is gone (~Virgin Power~).

Minus those hiccups around the rape, this was actually another great psychological volume and probably one of the best so far. The story has really sucked me in and I can’t wait to read more. The cliff hanger at the end of this volume is particularly bad as Mokuren seems pretty much unaffected by the rape, even though we clearly saw how distressed she was during it. Can’t wait to see what happens next!