So like I do from time to time, I was browsing the Nintendo eshop and noticed that the Nintendo Show was back up. I saw this before, but I just never got around to watching it. Curious, I watched the very first episode, then all the others. It was pretty interesting and each episode is only 4 to 6 minutes in length so it was rather easy to watch all the available shows and I can see myself watching future episodes as well.

What’s neat about the show is that it shows off a lot of trailers all in 3D. Sure the shop has a few of these itself for both eshop and retail games, but a lot of these were different trailers from the official ones. For example, one of the Mario 3D Land trailers showed us the opening of the game. The official trailer on the eshop only shows you the gameplay. But that’s only one part of the show. What really makes the show stand out is the quirky extra stuff: The hostess not only shows off new games, but she also gives out little tidbits of information, like how to turn on the “Classic Green Filter” of the Gameboy for Kirby’s Dream Land. I honestly did not know you could do that so I was happy to hear about it. She also mentioned you can play all the Virtual Console games in their original resolution by pressing a few buttons (start + select when booting up the games). In another episode she gave us a code for Pokemon Rumble Blast and informed us more codes were on the official site and in yet another episode she went to see the guys who built the Mario Karts for Nintendo’s Kart Show. It was interesting seeing how the Karts looked before and then finished at the show (which I wasn’t even aware existed and I do follow gaming news, albeit on and off). But probably the weirdest and most interesting aspect of the show is the short 3D clips at the end. Basically at the end of the show the hostess says, “I bet you haven’t seen this in 3D” and a random clip plays in 3D. Stuff from making a pizza to a dog getting a treat to a guy having his face shaved (yeah it can get really random). It’s weird, but yet oddly entertaining and really show off the 3D effects of the 3DS. The short length also helps with keeping the show from dragging and losing my interest. Definitely a neat addition and I hope Nintendo continues making more~