Coincidence? Or Foreshadowing?

Well well, look who we have in the chapter cover of 654, Lola. Coincidence? Maybe, but it’s kind of interesting that she has made a reappearance after so long and 2 chapters after Big Mom’s introduction.

One of the many Nami shower scenes this chapter

This was an interesting albeit not important (plot-wise) chapter. Nami is used for fan service again and although I’m not a fan, I’m just glad my favourite female character, Robin, isn’t subjected to it as much as Nami. Truthfully these ones are pretty tame. Nami has seen much worse, especially in the Thriller Bark arc, where a certain pervert felt her up and then tried to abducted her while she was in the shower. Yeah, it was that bad. I’m happy we haven’t seen anything as bad for a while now. Anyway, I don’t ever remember seeing shower scenes of Robin, so it looks like Nami is the shower fan service lady, for better or for worse. :|

Most of the chapter has the gang goofing off and it’s nice to see a return of their more playful side as it’s big part of the casts’ charm. Usopp makes a lure and Luffy wants to use it to catch something. Chopper, as usual, watches excitedly. We also finally see Robin’s signature morbid comments this chapter. I’m so glad to see them make a comeback. They are really a big part of her charm. :3

After some minor set backs, the crew finally surfaces in the New World and it looks like a crazy place. I can’t wait to see what’s in store. Also it looks like my guess about Smoker and Tashigi having a skirmish with the Straw Hats was wrong. A current pulled the Sunny off somewhere else so the Straw Hats didn’t emerge at the same location as the other pirates. This makes me wonder why Smoker and Tashigi even made an appearance two chapters ago. I guess Oda wanted to let us know they got an upgrade and are still out there. I don’t particularly like them, but it seems like a missed opportunity. Then again, Oda likes bringing up characters and plot points only to put them away for later, so I shouldn’t have been too surprised.

Which reminds me, Laboon was mentioned again this chapter as the crew saw a bunch of Whales of his species. Like with Smoker and Tashigi, I’m wondering what the purpose of this was. Did Oda want to remind us of Laboon (as it’s been awhile since he was last mentioned, Thriller Bark I believe), but if so, why? I can’t really find any reason for it, so I guess time will tell.

The crew is up to its usual antics and Robin's morbid remarks make a much awaited return.