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Volume 9 continues the Moon Scientists’ story through the eyes of Shion.


Shion’s recollections continue this volume; from his last days at school to his assignment and arrival at the Moon Base.

My Thoughts

I bet no one thought I could ever make my summary so short, but here it is, a single sentence. I guess it’s much easier to do it here because it’s all recollections. :P

Shion continues to fascinate me this volume, although he can be quite the egocentric jerk. Still, something about the way Hiwatari-san wrote his character makes him quite sympathetic. I personally think it has a lot to do with his inner monologues as we are given a window into why he does what he does.

Mokuren finally makes a bigger appearance this volume, although it’s all through the perspective of Shion. Knowing that Hiwatari-san can write interesting characters, I’m awfully curious why Mokuren does and says what she does and I’m really hoping it’s not just because she’s a sweet little thing (if that does turn out to be the case, I will be really disappointed). I really hope we get a look into her head too. The biggest points I wonder about are why she smiled when she was right about to cry (and doesn’t tell Shion off for being the jerk he is to her) and the supposed “happiness and preference” that Shion ascribes to her upbringing in Paradise. I honestly think Mokuren might have had a less sugary childhood than Shion thinks precisely because Hiwatari-san made Shion dwell on this. Hopefully we shall find this out later when we get a look into Mokuren’s head. Yes, I will be thoroughly disappointed if we don’t get a look at things from Mokuren’s perspective.

Also, I was quite surprised Shion made me chuckle this volume when he and Gyokuran were discussing whether they should say something to Mokuren about her nude stroll. It was priceless, the things Shion said. haha. I hope we get more of these little bits of humour.

Other than that, it was an interesting volume in general because it gave us a look into what was happening on the Moon Base. I’m looking forward to volume 10.