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Volume seven continues the enchanting story-telling of volume six.


In volume seven Alice comes to the Moon Dreamers meeting, but she can’t seem to add anything to the discussion, which prompts Sakura to doubt she is Mokuren. Jinpachi defends her, but the meeting goes no where.

When heading back on the train, Alice tries to talk to Rin, but he screams at her saying he hates her. This causes Alice to stop dead in her tracks. We are then taken back to Alice’s childhood, where she lost friends for no reason she could discern.

Rin calls Haruhiko for another meeting where he tells him to keep Alice busy and away from the Moon Dreamers meetings. When Haru asks why, Rin tells him that he doesn’t want Alice remembering things at random. Haru then comes to the realization that he is a pawn in Shion’s game against Gyokuran for Alice’s affection and that he is currently the stop in place keeping Alice and Gyokuran from getting closer.

Fed up, Haru asks if “M” is also someone Rin is using to keep him in check. This, however, turns out to be wrong, and Haruhiko has now unknowingly given Rin information about his allies. Haru then realizes that “M” must be helping him with Mr.Tamura and that his letter did get to him. Riddled with guilt, Haru desperately tries to jump to Kyoto, but his heart cannot take the strain and he faints.

Meanwhile Rin sends a love letter to Takashi asking him to meet him at the Renmyo Temple at 6 o’clock. One of Tamura’s men intercepts the letter and lets Tamura know. Rin also calls Tamura telling him to bring “M”.

Tamura arrives at the temple and “M” comes a little later. When “M” arrives, a psychic battle between him and Rin commences. Unfortunately, Rin has the upper hand and just as he is about to blast “M” and Mr.Tamura, Haru appears in front of the blast. Leaving us with a nice cliff hanger.

My Thoughts

Well I have finally gotten the characterization I was asking for with Alice. The flashback, while a mere 5 or so pages, gave me such a rich understanding of her. Her meekness and lack of confidence make perfect sense now. I’ve actually grown to sympathize with her now, whereas in other manga with similar characters, I cannot stand them. Characterization is an important element in getting the reader to sympathize with characters, especially those with unlikable traits; at least that is what I strongly believe. And with that little tease, I am looking forward to what Hiwatari-san can do with more back story. I hope Jinpachi and Mokuren are next since these two have very little inner monologue or what, in Jinpachi’s case, he has had, it was rather shallow.

And is Rin ever evil, but I can’t bring myself to hate him. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because I know it’s Shion and those 9 years that are affecting him, and maybe it’s also because he’s so young and my maternal instincts are acting up. Well, whatever it is, I just can’t seem to hate his character, even though he’s such a villain! Poor Haru, he can’t seem to get any slack. He was quite noble, doing what he did after his heart attack.

Also, I find it cute how Sakura still feels loyal to Enju and gets angry at Jinpachi and Alice. I think I may just ship these two together~ Issei and Sakura complement one another really well too. :3

The cover of this volume is rather plain: just a frontal portrait of Rin, but it’s still quite nice. I am looking forward to the next volumes. Please Save My Earth has been picking up a lot of steam!