Originally posted: Thursday, August 5, 2010 on Blogger

I’ve been really lazy about keeping up to date with all my nice pre-order bonus or freebies, so this post is basically a show case of all my game-related merchandise that I haven’t gotten around to showing up till now. It’s nothing fancy, mostly freebies and a few minor things that I’ve actually bought.

Club Nintendo 2009 Gold Member Award: Calendar

2009 CN Reward

This is the calendar I got in December 2009 for reaching Gold status on Club Nintendo. These pictures were taken a while back and I’ve been meaning to upload them onto this blog…but I just never got around to it. Basically it’s a little stand with cards that feature a Nintendo franchise and a calendar at the bottom. You switch the cards every month. If you flip the card over, you can see a calendar layout (bottom right – February) for each month. I usually just leave the one with the picture out since it looks nicer. As an additional bonus, Nintendo also gave me a mini mario calendar (top right).

Mario Candy Cases

One of the few game-related things I’ve actually bought. These two are separate candy cases. The mushroom case has little cherry sours shaped like mushrooms inside, while the Question Block case has little coin candies inside. Both are pretty neat and I bought both on whim. Club Nintendo calendar in the background for added effect! xD

SoulSilver Pre-order Bonus: Lugia Figurine

Lugia Figurine

The pre-order bonus for SoulSilver. I love the angle of the shot. It actually took me a while to get a decent angle because Lugia’s neck is a bit too curved and it’s hard to see the whole figurine from a side view. The figurine isn’t the best quality, but it was free so I can’t complain.

Dragon Quest IX GameStop Event: DQIX Pamphlet

This doesn’t seem worthwhile to even mention, but I was actually surprised by the quality of this pamphlet. The cover is dusty, with the title being glossy. The inside has nice art and is very colourful. Being so well made, I could not resist taking this with me and showing it off on the blog.

Dragon Quest IX GameStop Event Prize: Slime Shirt

slime shirt

The second prize at the GameStop DQIX event. There were four of them and I was lucky enough to win one. I wear it with pride! =D As a side note, this event made my brother want his own copy of DQIX! One more convert!! >:)