Originally posted: Sunday, June 27, 2010 on Blogger

It’s time for another Currently playing update~

1.Pokemon SoulSilver

I’m almost at the end of the game. All I need to do is beat Red. Unfortunately Red’s Pokemon are all in the 80s range, while my party is currently at level 60. So right now I’m trying to gain more levels before I stand a chance against Red. After I beat Red, I’ll be going after all the legendaries. :3

I’m so happy that S/G/C finally got remade. Johto is my favourite region (love the pokemon and the geography). Commemorative photos are cute~ But that photographer, Cameron, he’s EVERYWHERE! :O (Kind of creepy if you think about it. lol.)

Also the Pokewalker is a neat little addition, as are the pokemon following you. I wish those would make a come back in the next Pokemon games, but from screens, it looks like Pokemon Black/White are dropping these features. :( Well at least I can have my cute little Misdreavus following me in this game. :3

Which reminds me, it’s crazy difficult to get a dusk stone in SoulSilver. :/ I think I’m going to have to trade one over from Diamond at this rate…

2. Narcissu

Just finished this not too long ago. I still open the game and use the music mode to listen to all the beautiful tracks. It’s a really great visual novel. Of course, I know most people find VNs too slow, but I adore them. :3



The ending was sad, but given the way the story was set up, it could not haven been any other way. I think the ending was beautiful. I’m glad they ended it that way. If Setsumi was somehow miraculous saved, it would have cheapened the story. I’m still wondering what happened to the main character after Setsumi died. It’s implied he didn’t follow her into the sea because he developed those photos, but I’m assuming he died at a later date? I wonder what his choice was…

Spoilers End!!!!

3. Shining Force II

Still making progress through this. It’s such a big game, but I’m loving it. Camelot needs to develop another SRPG now! My only complaint is all the females are either mages or archers; where is my obligatory female paladin?! :( I miss Mae from the first game…

Like all old school SRPGs, the story is almost none-existent, but with how fun the battles are, it does not really matter. Plus the major NPCs are really fun~ :3


4. Knights in the Nightmare

I’m so close to the end, I just know it! I just finished with a the preparations (merging weapons, increasing weapon levels, and dividing the EXP between units), so now I just have to actually start scene 47. It’s going to be a pain in the ass since the Boss has lots of HP. Dx



So I was wrong, Melissa did make a comeback. I was thinking I finally beat the game when I beat Zolgonark, but then in came Melissa, absorbing his power and became this new level of evil. God, I am really not looking forward to Scene 47. I really hope this is the final end game boss, because if there is another one with more HP…I’m going to need 3 hours! Story is starting to piece together, but Asgard still hasn’t made their move, at least there is nothing indicating they have. :/ Guess I’ll have to wait and see what the ending is….


Mini Updates:

  • Still at the Sea of Time in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. I will hopefully resume playing this soon. I’ve got to finish this before the holiday season when Dark Dawn is finally available. :D
  • Finished the Savannah area for LittleBigPlanet.