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Ojamajo Doremi

This show has really grown on me. I’m really enjoying it. The wacky predicaments that the characters get themselves into always puts a smile on my face. Some episodes are really emotionally charged, like the one about Aiko’s mother (even with the ridiculous gender bias, aka little Aiko says, “Who will take care of dad if you leave? Who will make him dinner? Do the laundry? etc.” and Aiko’s dad saying to Aiko’s mom, “You should quit your job to take better care of Aiko.” I’m serious, these were the words each one said, well roughly). Excluding these little hiccups, the show is lots of fun. Doremi can still get a little annoying, but the funny results make up for it. The only character that really gets on my nerves now is Pop. God, she is so annoying and stuck up. Every time she talks I want to strangle her, Doremi is right, she is the unluckiest girl because she has Pop as a sister. Episodes with very little Pop are the best episodes in my opinion. Of course, I love to point out annoyances, but really I am enjoying this show a lot. I’m glad there are like six seasons, all with 40-50 episodes. It means I’ll be enjoying Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko’s hijinks for quite some time. =D

edit: Finished season one. The ending was very sad, but season two cheered me right up. But I have to say, Hana-chan is getting more annoying than even Pop! Yeah, I know I know, she is a baby, but my dear god, her wailing is annoying and loud. Maybe if the first three episodes didn’t portray her as crying every few minutes, I wouldn’t get so annoyed every time I heard her crying. Onpu was also not a favourite of mine, but she grew on me a little in the last episodes of the first season.


KARAU: Phantom Memory

The description sounded interesting, and it is, but it’s been dragging lately and interactions between Karau and Christmas are not those of equals, which was the premise of the whole story. The two beings can only exist in pairs, yet Karau dominates Christmas, and refuses to let the her into her heart. Christmas is also very passive, often not saying anything when she wants to do so. For example, the fact that Karau doesn’t tell her things; this clearly bothers Christmas, but she never says so to Karau. However, some stories have evolving characters and relationships, so I’m willing to continue on with this one to see where it will go.


Konjiki no Gash Bell!!

Glorious shounen fun at it's best.

After the last arc with Zofis and Koko finished, I decided to take a break until now. The new arc now focuses on a strange demon structure that appeared and then disappeared in the human world. The Gash look-alike also made an appearance, so I’m guessing this arc is going to finally be about him. A new pair was also introduced, Ted and his human partner Jido, while the two are mostly shown as comic relief, it looks like they will become a part of the growing group that Kiyomaro and Gash fight with. The episode where Mizuno interpreted Megumi to be Kiyomaru’s girlfriend was very funny. Overall, Gash Bell continues to be a wacky anime with a good chuck of action. I am looking forward to the new arc.


Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

It has finally happened, I dropped it. After episode 24, I couldn’t bother to watch it any more. Episode 24 united everything I hated about the show. First Kaito decided to pretend to marry this little girl (who is in fact a mermaid from Hannon’s kingdom). By doing this he is not only being insensitive to Lucia but also to Meru; he is basically disregarding her feeling because he feels she is a child and thus her feelings aren’t real. A good person would have explained to Meru that he has someone else he loves instead of toying around with her because she is a child. My god, what the hell would anyone see is a jerkface like Kaito! Second is Lucia, who, instead of spying on Kaito and Meru, should have told Kaito exactly how she felt or dumped his dumb ass! Finally, what is this business of weddings being a girl’s dream?! Sure girls, just as much as boys, dream about finding someone that can love them, but a wedding being only a girl’s dream and their sole and exclusive dream is ridiculous and sexist. This is why this show drives me crazzzzy. I know that I dreamed of falling in love when I was little (who didn’t), but I dreamed of a lot of other things as well (like being a veterinarian, adventurer, etc.). I hate when shows do this, making it seem like getting married is the only thing girls want, and it’s only girls who want it. Agh. I am so glad I dropped it. I think if I continued I would have died of a heart attack brought about by extreme stress at how foolish the characters and the show are.