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So summer vacation is now finished, but I still haven’t made much of a dent on my backlog. If anything the monster grew. ^^;;; Anyways, here is what I’m currently playing:

1.Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (NDS)

I was playing this before, but I put it down for months because I got distracted and I basically forgot what I was doing, so I decided to restart from the very beginning, case one. I have finally made it back to case three, which is where I was when I put the game down. Hopefully, I can finish this game now without any interruptions. Well at least I’m pretty determined to do so >:)

No new impressions, since I’ve barely started case three, and I’ve already played the other two before. But I just want to say that it’s pretty amazing how much I still recall and how much I’ve forgotten. Also, what is up with Ace Attorney/ Gyakuten Saiben always having those innocent frail girls turn out to be conniving little b*tchs? hmmm? Well at least case three doesn’t seem to have any fake innocent girls, not that I hate these types of villains, because I don’t; I think the type is used well in the ace attorney games. It’s just that after a few of them, I want a different type of villain to mix things up a bit. =)

2.Knights in the Nightmare (NDS)

I was really excited about playing this game when I heard Atlus was going to publish it in North America, but I was sad to learn that it would be released when I would be out of the country. Thankfully I managed to procure a copy even after it had been released for over a month; the only down side is that I didn’t get the beautiful pre-order bonus art book. *sniff* =(

I’m really enjoying this game and it has exceeded my standards. I’m about half way through (I think), but I’m making really slow progress. ^^;;; I’m pretty busy even without school so I play it here and there, and I am currently on Scene 32. Plus, because the battles are so intense, I tend to grip the stylus too hard and it digs into my hand, so I can’t play this one for long periods of time. ^^;;; (Yeah I’m pathetic)

just gorgeous.

Still I’m really happy with this game and I am enjoying it a lot. The combat is so unique, I don’t think anyone has ever mixed a shooter with a SRPG, and even though it sounds impossible, it works really well. Sometimes the bullets (especially during boss battles) can be overwhelming, but the resume (or was it replay) button makes things a little easier. The story is pretty good as well, but a little disjointed because it’s told in fragments. Art and music are very very beautiful. I think the only aspect of the game that is not done as well is the characters. This is mainly because only the story related characters actually get flushed out. Even with the pause talks, the regular characters still don’t feel as important or developed as Maria, Capehorn, or Yelma (the latter two are villains). Not that I mind because as long as gameplay is solid, I’m happy; story, art, music, and characters are nice bonuses (which I appreciate a lot as well). I can tell that Knights has had a lot of effort put into the game, since not only is the gameplay solid, but so is the art, story, music, and the characters. Everything is well done, and this game is another gem from Atlus. It’s also my first Sting game, so I’ll be looking out for more games from this developer from now on.

I just want to point out once more that he art is amazing. I currently have an image of maria as my wallpaper and I’ve saved a few more images to use in the future. The artist is really talented and I really regret missing out on the bonus art book. The music is also very pretty and each piece fits the mood. There is also a lot of variety and musical pieces, for which I am also thankful. The music on the title menu is very pretty and I could listen to it for hours on end. =3

SPOILER ALERT: The following deals with characters and the story and my thoughts on it so far!!!!

-I like the relationship between Maria and Melissa, I hope we get to see these two interact more (but I doubt we will because the last battle with Melissa made it seem that she was destroyed for good).

-I cannot believe Wilmgard has a lover, it really doesn’t fit his character. =/ And it also felt out of place in a story about loss.

-I don’t understand why all the characters refer to Nordich as the selfish prince. In the flashback, the prince was worried about his father and kingdom. It seemed like he didn’t know what Capehorn was up to, although I will admit he did seem awfully fixated on his own kingship and authority. Still even so I don’t think he is selfish, but I guess the other characters wouldn’t know this since Capehorn was acting as the mouth piece of the prince.

-The underworld has made its move, yet Asgard, the realm of gods has not, I wonder why. Maybe it has something to do with Melissa?ok that’s all for the spoilers and knights in the nightmare. It seems like this is going to be yet another long post. ^^;;

3. Children of Mana (NDS)

I picked it up again after a year. Thankfully, because there is practically no story, I was able to jump right back in. As a mana game, it disappoints, but it’s good for some random pick up and play. I usually play it when I feel like picking something up for a bit; it’s mindless hack ‘n’ slash, so it’s good for killing a few minutes. I think I’m pretty close to the end, but with this kind of game, one can never really know.

Also I cannot help but feel that the art direction and music was wasted on this game. The art is so lovely and the music is nice, but the gameplay is generic. This art and music would have benefited from being used in a traditional mana game (like sword or secret of mana). In such a generic and mindless hack ‘n’ slash game, the art and music, although nice, cannot save the game’s shortcomings and they would have benefited a better game more. Regardless, I’m still mildly enjoying Children of Mana because it’s easy to pick up and play and a good mindless time waster. This one will be coming with me to school a lot, so I’ll probably finish it before 2010 rolls around. =)

4. Shinning Force (GEN)

I’m on the last chapter, but I’ve been playing it sparsely (as usual for me). I still have a bit of level grinding to do. But I finally managed to promote Adam and I got him at level 10 unpromoted two battles ago, which is insane this late in the game. Thankfully Tao learned boast not too long ago so I was able to use boast and get him to level 20 that way. I had to use boast because his attack stat was pathetic since he was unpromoted and without boast he was doing 1 point of damage. This is why I do not understand the logic behind giving the player such a low leveled unit this late in the game, unless it’s to piss off, I mean challenge us completionists. I’m currently attempting to get all my characters to level 10 promoted because I want to max them all out and complete this game in one go. Getting them to level 10 now will make it more manageable to max them later (level 20 is the max, seems I was wrong, it’s not the max. but I just levelled them to 20 and left it at that). All my units are around levels 6-8 right now, so I still have a bit of grinding to do.

6. Super Mario Advance (GBA)

I’m suck on 5-3 T__________________________T

Strength seems inversely proportional to one's ability to jump in this game

Near the end of the level you have to steal a flying carpet from an enemy and ride it to the other side, but the carpet disappears after some time and I keep dying because the carpet disappears before I make it to the other side. The one time I did make it to the boss, I died before I could finish him because I have one life left. sob sob. This game is somewhat on hold because I’m a little too frustrated to play it. Speaking of frustration….

7.Professor Layton and the Curious Village (NDS)

I am stuck on puzzle 135, the last of the professor’s challenges. It’s so frustrating because I finally discovered how to solve 134 (which was also giving me grief). That stupid red block, I can’t get it out. sob sob. I keep repeating the same moves over and over again. I know I’m missing something, but I can’t seem to figure it out. T___________T

This one is currently on hold because it gave me too much grief. :/