January 2012

Coincidence? Or Foreshadowing?

Well well, look who we have in the chapter cover of 654, Lola. Coincidence? Maybe, but it’s kind of interesting that she has made a reappearance after so long and 2 chapters after Big Mom’s introduction. (more…)

Fairly recently Nintendo and Capcom released a demo of Resident Evil: Revelations on the 3DS online shop and I was pretty excited about this. I finally got around to trying and finishing the demo yesterday and I decided to make a blog post about my thoughts about the demo because this was my first real exposure to horror games. So please keep that in mind when you read my thoughts below. ^__^

The creepy eyeball thing that is sort of part of the logo for this game.


Just letting everyone know that this post is full of spoilers as I’m going to be looking at the most recent chapters of three shounen manga I regularly follow. I’m bundling them together because I don’t think I’ll be able to find enough to talk about each one separately (as weekly chapters tend to be short). Also I know I stated Shounen Jump in the title but the third manga is actually from Monthly Shounen Jump/ Jump Square. (more…)

After many months of copying and pasting and reformatting, the move of older posts from my old blog at Blogger has finally been finished. With “Impression: Please Save My Earth 9”, everything that I wanted to move is now up on wordpress. So now there will only be all new posts. :)



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Volume 9 continues the Moon Scientists’ story through the eyes of Shion.


Shion’s recollections continue this volume; from his last days at school to his assignment and arrival at the Moon Base. (more…)

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This volume finally gives us a look into the enigmatic Shion.


Haruhiko manages to deflect the blast from Rin, but when he begs him to spare the others, Rin furiously reminds him that he has no obligation to do that for someone who never kept his promise and proceeds to beat Haru up. Mikuro tries to stop him and the resulting collision of mental powers causes a great explosion, which sets the temple on fire.

Mikuro and Haru escape with minor injuries, but Rin isn’t so lucky. Mikuro explains that it is because Rin’s power was much stronger, and because it was different than his own, each of their powers rebound back at them. Compounding this, jumping back to Tokyo, like Rin did, would only worsen his injuries. (more…)

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I was going to do a top 10, but I figured I haven’t read enough Japan-only manga to pick ones I really really would like to see, so I settled for a top 5, which has titles I would purchase in a heart beat if they were ever brought over:



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Volume seven continues the enchanting story-telling of volume six.


In volume seven Alice comes to the Moon Dreamers meeting, but she can’t seem to add anything to the discussion, which prompts Sakura to doubt she is Mokuren. Jinpachi defends her, but the meeting goes no where.

When heading back on the train, Alice tries to talk to Rin, but he screams at her saying he hates her. This causes Alice to stop dead in her tracks. We are then taken back to Alice’s childhood, where she lost friends for no reason she could discern.

Rin calls Haruhiko for another meeting where he tells him to keep Alice busy and away from the Moon Dreamers meetings. When Haru asks why, Rin tells him that he doesn’t want Alice remembering things at random. Haru then comes to the realization that he is a pawn in Shion’s game against Gyokuran for Alice’s affection and that he is currently the stop in place keeping Alice and Gyokuran from getting closer. (more…)

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