Originally posted: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 on Blogger

When my little brother discovered, by chance, the first Rune Factory in the bargain bin for only 20 CAN, I knew I had to pick it up at such a cheap price. Rune Factory is my 50th DS game! So I finally reached my goal of owning 50 DS games! Now I’m on to 100, or not. hehehe. We shall see.

Sorry about the picture quality. You probably won’t be able to make out some of the games. But if your interested in my collection, I have an account on Backloggery.com under the same username, soaring_wings. My whole collection is listed on there ( not just DS games). You can also see how pathetic my beat statistics is ^^;;;;

edit: Since the original post is about 3 years old, I have since then reached 100+ DS games (yes just DS games). 107 exactly, well if my backloggery account is correct. (It actually lists it as 110 but since I have a 4 game compilation, I took away 3 from that number to get the amount of actual NDS carts).