Originally posted: Saturday, March 7, 2009 on Blogger

I love Fire Emblem, so naturally I pre-ordered the DS remake of the very first game. EB Games gave out this decent Laser Cell with a pre-order of the game. The game came out in February, but I’ve just been taking my time with posting my spoils =P

The game itself is fun, but it’s missing a few staples of the franchise; like unit bonding. But it also has a few nice addition as well, like the harm button (which is X) that shows you the range of all enemy units (helpful when your trying to protect your frail units)

Also, is it just me, or is this Fire Emblem more RNG harsh than other FE games. I mean 80% of the time, my units get only 0-2 bonuses when they level up. Usually I get at least 3-4 and only on rare occasions do I only get 0-2 from any unit (and I use them all, so this includes the ‘crappy’ units as well), but with this game the problem seems to be even more apparent. Right now I’m playing on Normal Mode (which is the easiest mode) so the problem isn’t too bad (since enemies are low leveled and in smaller numbers), but it will become a problem when I play on the harder difficulties.

Oh and the prologue (which you have to play on normal to see) was alright, but the last chapter was annoying (why do I need to sacrifice a unit!? this does not bode well for OCD players like me. I did sacrifice Jagen, but I was NOT happy about it, not one bit…grr.)