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After many months (actually almost a year!), I was able to find a comic store that pre-ordered this volume for me. yuppie! So without further ado, I’ll start the summary section.


Volume 23 starts right where 22 left us hanging. Shuri, with one less arm, pleas with his remaining soldiers and voices his decision to side with Tatara. Sarasa hears his emotional pleas and as Tatara accepts his help. Kaku and the villagers are shocked, but Shuri and his soldiers, who side with him, are welcomed into the rebel army.

Meanwhile, Asagi is called back to the royal palace by the White King. Torn, he asks Sarasa, if she had to choose between him and Shuri who would she choose. When Sarasa tells Asagi it would be him, he doesn’t believe her, but Sarasa just replies that her friends are more important to her than Shuri. A little shocked, Asagi pulls in Sarasa and gives her a kiss before running away. Sarasa is rather stunned, but notices Asagi left a blue earing in her mouth.

When Tatara’s army moves in to occupy a fortress the next day, they are attacked, and discover that Asagi has become the new King of Japan. Forced to assault the fortress, Sarasa sneaks in and confronts the leader in order to convince him to side with her. When he turns on her, Hayate shoots an arrow and kills him. He tells Shuri, who was there, that he killed Shido in the same manner; Shuri just replies that he would have done the same.

Meanwhile in Kyoto, Councilor Hiragawa returns and meets his end by Ageha’s hands. Asagi, now king, realizes that Tatara will storm Kyoto in a matter of days, so he orders the Yarogumi to round up all the citizens around the castle and use them as a human wall. Muratake delivers the message to Tatara, but she is not about to give up and sends a letter to Ageha requesting his help. Ageha is able to evacuate all the villigers with the help of councilor Sakurada and later Ichimatsu. Asagi realizes that the people have been replaced by the buddha statues and only laughs. However, Sarasa, just as she has said, takes Yota and glaps toward Kyoto, intent on seeing Asagi. As she gallops away, Ageha takes notice.

Volume 23 has two side stories included, the first deals with Ageha and his past as a slave. It’s very depressing, but also inspiring (I know this makes no sense, but I won’t spoil anything :P). The second deals with the night before the battle with Shuri in volume 22, and it has a cute Asagi and Sarasa moment :3

My Thoughts

Another amazing volume (my summary doesn’t show it, but the story telling is amazing!!)=^___^=

Plot and character development is top notch as always. I cannot wait to find out what Asagi meant by “please god” followed by “there is no god” and what he’s trying to accomplish, as well as what Ginko is planning. And of course I cannot wait to see the resolution of the story :3

The two extra side stories were very well done. Ageha’s story developed his character more and was very powerful. The other side story had a cute Asagi x Sarasa moment. It was funny and adorable. =3

I just adore Basara and I cannot wait to read the next volume! (Which will be happening very soon, because I already have it.) :D