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Originally posted: Wednesday, May 6, 2009 on Blogger

I’m not really a big one-shot fan, but I could not resist picking this up at half price.


This one-shot features 5 individual stories all centring around school romances. They are: Love at First Touch, Expiration Date 2001, Second Impression, Frequency, and Baby Universe.

Love at First Touch is about a girl named Eri who develops a crush on a boy named Kohei because he tried to cheer her up with a pat on the head. Ever since this incident, she has found his rather plain hands, very attractive, and gets flustered every time he touches her with those hands. (more…)

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When my little brother discovered, by chance, the first Rune Factory in the bargain bin for only 20 CAN, I knew I had to pick it up at such a cheap price. Rune Factory is my 50th DS game! So I finally reached my goal of owning 50 DS games! Now I’m on to 100, or not. hehehe. We shall see.

Sorry about the picture quality. You probably won’t be able to make out some of the games. But if your interested in my collection, I have an account on under the same username, soaring_wings. My whole collection is listed on there ( not just DS games). You can also see how pathetic my beat statistics is ^^;;;;

edit: Since the original post is about 3 years old, I have since then reached 100+ DS games (yes just DS games). 107 exactly, well if my backloggery account is correct. (It actually lists it as 110 but since I have a 4 game compilation, I took away 3 from that number to get the amount of actual NDS carts).


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When at Best Buy soon after the launch of the DSi, I was approached by a Nintendo employee who showed me and my brother the new DSi features. They weren’t that bad, and the picture function looked like it could be a bit of fun. However, the two colors (black and blue) really are not my colors, so I’ll probably hold out on buying one. The lady gave both me and my brother a keychain (pictured) that has the the functions of the new DSi. It’s always nice getting free things =D

Oh yes, before I forget, I’m interested in very pale, pastel colors (preferably lavender, but I’ll take pink, green, and blue as well) ^____________^ To give an example, I want my colors to be as pale as the current Coral Pink DS Lite.


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So I picked up volume 25 sometime in February, but I’ve only gotten around to finishing it now. The main story ends in this volume, with the other two volumes consisting of side stories about all the characters after the conclusion. This volume has two side stories after the finale, but instead of finding out what happens after the conclusion, we get a look into the past of two characters.


As Sarasa pleads with Shuri to get up, he sees his mother standing on the ledge across from the window. Shuri yells that she need not die, but his mother only turns to look and jumps off the ledge. Shuri is grief stricken, but Sarasa tells him that she must have loved him, his existence is proof of that. (more…)

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I love Fire Emblem, so naturally I pre-ordered the DS remake of the very first game. EB Games gave out this decent Laser Cell with a pre-order of the game. The game came out in February, but I’ve just been taking my time with posting my spoils =P (more…)

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I picked up Basara 24 with 23, so I didn’t have to wait long to read this. I also already have 25, so the impression will be done after I finish this one :)


Just as the last volume left off, Sarasa is making her way to Kyoto to see Asagi and Shuri is determined to follow after her, so Nakijin agrees to go with him. Ageha, who also notices her, decides he need to discover what Hiragawa was plotting at the base of the palace.

When Sarasa storms the palace, Ran and Umi of the four virtues confront her. However, Kikune shows up and helps Sarasa out, she tells her that this is her fight, so Sarasa leaves her. Ichimatsu also shows up, but Kikune also tells him this is her fight. He tells her he will wait for her to finish. (more…)

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After many months (actually almost a year!), I was able to find a comic store that pre-ordered this volume for me. yuppie! So without further ado, I’ll start the summary section.


Volume 23 starts right where 22 left us hanging. Shuri, with one less arm, pleas with his remaining soldiers and voices his decision to side with Tatara. Sarasa hears his emotional pleas and as Tatara accepts his help. Kaku and the villagers are shocked, but Shuri and his soldiers, who side with him, are welcomed into the rebel army.

Meanwhile, Asagi is called back to the royal palace by the White King. Torn, he asks Sarasa, if she had to choose between him and Shuri who would she choose. When Sarasa tells Asagi it would be him, he doesn’t believe her, but Sarasa just replies that her friends are more important to her than Shuri. A little shocked, Asagi pulls in Sarasa and gives her a kiss before running away. Sarasa is rather stunned, but notices Asagi left a blue earing in her mouth. (more…)

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ShutterBox Volume One: Basic Information

Rikki Simmons & Tavisha
Edition: English
Publisher: Tokyopop (defunct)
Release Date: October 2003
Retail Price: $9.99 US

Basic Story

(taken from the back cover of volume one)

On the surface, Megan Amano seems like a typical Los Angeles girl, attending college and spending a good time of her afternoons in therapy. However, when Megan dreams, she travels to a place unlike any other– a supernatural and surreal college, one any recent high school graduate would die to attend. And usually they must…for Merridiah University is the afterlife’s premier educational institute. But for Megan a great exception has been made.


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