November 2011

Originally posted: Tuesday, November 4, 2008 on Blogger

As promised, I will link up to the two Siliconera blog posts that detail the problems with the DS port of Rhapsody. Click on the picture to your left for the link to the article featuring two problematic glitches in Rhapsody. As I say in the comments, I have only experienced the second, more frustrating glitch, which prevents you from receiving a special item for completing the Egg Brother’s Side Quest. The first glitch mentioned in the post is a glitch that makes the screen go black during certain musical segments in the game. Luckily, this glitch is usually fixed by reloading your last saved file; the same cannot be said of the Egg Brother glitch. (more…)

Originally posted: Tuesday, November 4, 2008 on Blogger

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure is a charming little RPG now available for the Nintendo DS. It is a port of the PSone game bearing the same name. There are a few problems with this port discussed in a Siliconera post, which I will link to in the next post. But if you can accept its flaws, you will find yourself on a cute and funny ride with Cornet, the star of the game, as she tries to save her prince from Marjoly, a rather flamboyant, to say the least, witch. RPGFan has quite a few pieces of fan art for the game, which are positively stunning. Click the picture above to link to their fan art and enjoy it as much as I did. Look below to see a recreation of one of the funniest moments in the game, beware of spoilers! (this happens within the first hour of gameplay!) (more…)

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The first picture is a little blurry, but I thought it looked pretty. The second picture has better resolution =)

If I do say so myself, I think the King Boo carving turned out rather nice. I’m quite proud of it. Next year I might tackle something harder, like a And because this pumpkin was pretty tiny (relative to normal pumpkins), the carving was a bit more challenging; one cut too far or deep and the whole carving would be ruined. So yes I am rather proud ^^


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This volume is the second edition of volume 4 of Ceres: Celestial Legend, known in Japan as Ayashi no Ceres. The first edition is the same as the second, expect its paper quality was better, and it was bigger (both in terms of a sheet of paper’s length and width). It also had a different cover then the second edition (the order of the covers was mixed up in the first editions, but this was fixed with the second editions, which used the same covers as the corresponding Japanese volumes). The second edition is a few dollars cheaper then the first edition, due to the loss of paper quality and being overall smaller. The first edition is now very hard to find, as it has been out of print for a few years now.


Volume four begins with a conclusion to Suzumi’s predicament. Suzumi, who is still trapped, dreaming about her dead husband and child, eventually awakens when she hears Yuhi, and the manga then moves promptly to the next “arch”.

Not long after their ordeal with Suzumi, Yuhi hears about a mysterious pathogen in the Tochigi prefecture and a new vaccine that the health department is distributing there. As if fatally, a girl from that prefecture shows up at their house and demands that Aya fly around with her sick brother. She threatens to publish the picture she took of Ceres and Yuhi flying if Aya doesn’t comply. Aya and Yuhi cannot do anything but agree.

At the hospital, Aya and Yuhi meet Toya, who is serving as a doctor, since the Mikages installed into his head medical information. Yuhi is now convinced that the Mikages have something to do with the pathogen, and he continues to show Toya that he doesn’t like the fact that he is seeing Aya. Aya on the other hand, waivers between the two men, but ultimately runs after Toya and asks that he show her a more physical response to her love. Toya does nothing and tells Aya he cannot express his feelings; that they are too strong for such an expression. This only causes the bimbo, er- I mean Aya, to cry that she doesn’t understand, and she needs proof of his love. The two hug and kiss, but Toya soon has to leave because he is being paged. (more…)

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Basic Information:

Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Racing
Difficulty: Fair
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: Nov. 2005
Rating: E for Everyone
Retail Price: $34.99 US ($44.99 CAN)

What’s It About:

You race as one of the many characters from the mario and donkey kong franchises. There are four different difficultly setting, each with the same tracks, but different opponents. Successfully completing a difficulty level unlocks the next level and either an additional character or additional carts. There is also a puzzle mode and a battle mode.