October 2011

Originally posted: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 on Blogger

Basic Information:

Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Adventure
Difficulty: Fair
Developer: Cing
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: Jan. 2007
Rating: T for Teen
Retail Price: $ 29.99 US ($ 34.99 CAN) / Touch Generation Re-release $ 19.99 US/CAN

What’s It About:

You play as Kyle Hyde, an ex-officer turned salesman, who still seeks closure to the events that happened prior to the beginning of the game involving his old partner Bradley. When Hyde arrives at Hotel Dusk, he meets a young mute girl, who wears the same bracelet as his partner, and it seems that she isn’t the only unusual thing or person within the hotel with some strange connection to Bradley. Now it’s up to you to guide Hyde as he unravels the mysteries in one long night at the hotel and finally reveals the truth behind Bradley’s betrayal.


Originally posted: Monday, August 4, 2008 on Blogger

An enjoyable new series that I got into through the anime. I will try to make the summary as short as possible, since I have an issue with keeping my summaries short. ^^;;


Gakuen Alice stars the perky and spunky Mikan Sakura, who runs away to Tokyo when her best friend, Hotaru does not keep up with her correspondence. Hotaru, who was always a bit strange, had been scouted by Alice Academy, a school for elite geniuses, but as she leaves, she promises to write and visit Mikan. However, after 6 months and only a single postcard, Mikan believes her best friend has all but forgotten her, that is until she hears a conversation between Hotaru’s mother and the principle of her school. It turns out Gakuen Alice (translated as Alice Academy) isn’t what it seems, and Hotaru has a difficult time contacting those outside the school. Mikan is now determined t (more…)

Originally posted: Friday, August 1, 2008 on Blogger

Added Yet Another Game to my Extensive DS Collection

I caved in; I bought another game recently, but it’s not FFIV. Instead I got Apollo Justice, an adventure game that I’ve been meaning to pick up. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the game as much as the Phoenix Wright trilogy, but the game has so many mysteries surrounding Phoenix that it’s compelling me to play just as much as its predecessors did before it.

Phoenix is also a prominent character in this game, as far as I have played (I’m on the second case). Although he isn’t a attorney anymore, the biggest mysteries of the game surrounds him, and he acts as a mentor to the younger Apollo. I also like Phoenix’s more relaxed and cryptic personality in this game. For anyone who liked the younger Phoenix, not to worry, Apollo is an almost identical version of a younger Phoenix, while Trucy is a lot like Maya. So the duo is back, just not as you expected!

The actual gameplay has remained pretty much the same, but instead of using Maya’s magatama to reveal a character’s secrets during the detective section of the game, Apollo comes with his own ability to perceive the nervous habits of witnesses during the court section of the game. As far as I have played, I have only used it once; it is also a pretty interesting addition. The game itself is also a lot longer, the first case, which is a tutorial, took as much time to finish as a regular case (expect without the detective section). The second case also had you playing detective even before you’ve met your client, while the previous games automatically set the next ‘murder’ case up. (more…)

Originally posted: Thursday, July 24, 2008 on Blogger

The fifth volume of Tsubasa finishes off the Jade arch and begins one of my favourite archs, the Oto arc. So without further ado, let’s get the summary started!


Volume five begins with the now jailed Sakura-hime, who notices the missing children through the little bars in her door. Using a bit of quick thinking, she escapes her prison and follows after the children. After she sees the children going into a small crawl space, she yells ‘wait’, which causes the children to take notice of her. But the children are acting in a rather bizarre manner, and they begin to close in upon Sakura-hime just before the scene swifts to Syaoran and the others.

Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane are standing not too far off from the castle when they notice Grosum-san, who is soaking wet. Syaoran continues his search for clues, once again looking at Spirits’ History Book. While out reading, he notices Doctor Kyle performing a routine examination on a child. When the doctor leaves, the child does something utterly strange; she opens her window and points to the sky saying, “black bird”. Syaoran takes notice, but sees no bird in the sky. Later that night, Syaoran follows after Kyle, who in turn is following the little girl. It seems that Syaoran laid a trap for Doctor Kyle: the little girl is only Mokona in disguise, and it becomes apparent that the true instigator of the missing children is really Doctor Kyle, and not Grosum as it first appeared to be. (more…)