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I got through Death Note 2 relatively quickly one night when I was stuck in bed because of a migraine. After finishing the second volume, I have started to realize why so many people love Death Note. It is in volume two that the battle of wits really starts and the story begins to become really enjoyable. So without further ado, I will begin the summary!


Volume two deals with Light as he finally enacts his plan to kill all 12 FBI agents sent to Japan. The first little bit deals with the experiments he does on criminals, using them to send a message to L. By the time L gets the final part of the message, all 12 FBI agents are dead and somewhere Raye’s fiancee says to herself that Raye is dead and Kira killed him.

We are then taken back in time and shown Light’s whole plan and how he pulled off killing all twelve agents. I will not go into details because if I do, then this summary will be just as long as all my other ones. I will say that Light tricks Raye into writing the names of all the other FBI agents into the Death Note, without him knowing why he is writing the names or without seeing the details of their deaths. Raye will realize that Kira is Light, but only as he drops down and dies.

After the death of the agents, the US pulls out of the Kira investigation and many of the Japanese police officers also seek to be placed on another task force. Eventually, only 5 will remain on the Kira case and these five are invited to work with L. They accept his offer and meet L face to face, and Light’s father is among those five. L will ask to now be refered to as Ryuzaki by the others and obtains for them fake police badges to use as a precaution against Kira.

Meanwhile, at the Yagami household, Light’s mother asks his sister Sayu to run to her father’s work and bring him a change of clothes. Sayu is rather annoyed at this since she has made prior plans, but Light steps in and offers to do it in her place. When Light gets to the police department, he meets a lady who is insistent on seeing the people from the Kira case. He eventually gets her to talk with him and to tell him her name and why she is so desperate to talk to the NPA. Light learns that this women is the fiancee of Raye Penber and she has deduced that Kira was on the bus to Space Land that was hijacked. Light immediately understands that if he doesn’t get rid of her, the police will quickly discover that he is Kira. So he writes her name on the death note and as the cause of death, suicide. Yet nothing happens, and Light quickly realizes, due to Ryuk’s laughter, that the woman gave him an alias.

Now as she starts to make her way back to the NPA building, Light is running against the clock, attempting to figure out a way to learn her real name. He eventually stumbles upon the information that she has worked with L before, and uses it to his advantage to earn her trust. She eventually gives into Light’s proposition to work with L and hands him her driver’s license, apologizing that she used a fake name before. It turns out she is really called, Naomi Misora and Light wastes no time writing in the new name and suicide details into a page of the Death Note. When Naomi asks why Light keeps glancing at his watch, he replies it is because he is Kira. Noami is stunned, but she soon walks away in order to fulfill the instructions of the Death Note. Light has managed to dodge another bullet.

The following day, the members of the Kira case are all at L’s apartment, watching the taped deaths of four of the FBI agents, including Raye’s. L notices that Raye has an envelop while boarding the train, but once he is seen leaving, the envelop is gone. He also notices another peculiar thing about Raye’s death, as Raye is dying, it seems as if he is trying to desperately look into the train. Just then L receives a message from one of the five police officers, who has stayed behind in the NPA office, so not to arise any one’s suspicions. It seems there is someone who has important information for the case. When L talks to the lady, he is informed that Raye Penber had a fiancee by the name of Naomi Misora and that after the death of Raye, Naomi refused to come to her parent’s house and instead insisted that she be allowed some time to think things over. L quickly realizes who Naomi is and determines that she must hold some valuable information about Kira, but he also suspects that Kira got to her first. It then becomes apparent that the households that Raye was shadowing prior to December 19th, the Deputy-General and Superintendent Yagami’s homes, might hold Kira; and L suggests installing hidden cameras and microphones inside both houses. Everyone from the police department is shocked, such a measure is not only extreme, but also illegal inside Japan. Light’s father agrees, however, for he does not want there to be any suspicion cast upon his family and the cameras are soon installed.

The next day Light comes home from school and realizes that someone has been inside his room. Soon Ryuk tries to talk to Light, but Light only ignores him, which irritates Ryuk. Light soon leaves his home and once he is done making sure he is not being followed, nor that there are any bugs on his coat, he tells Ryuk that the house is full of cameras and microphones. As such, Ryuk will not be able to eat apples any longer, which devastates the shinigami. So Light comes up with a bargain, Ryuk must locate all the hidden cameras and they will then find a blind spot for Ryuk to eat his apples. Ryuk agrees, even through he isn’t on Light’s side, because apples to him are like alcohol and cigarettes to us.

My Thoughts

I will begin with saying that the second volume of Death Note is much better then the first, mainly because things really heat up in this volume. In volume one, Light wasn’t really being challenged all too much, but in volume two, L begins to close in on Light and he has to come up with better ways to outsmart L. It really turns into a battle of wits, especially as Raye’s fiancee shows up to cause even more trouble for Light. Furthermore, I just love L, so seeing more of him in this volume was a definite plus for me.

The cover is also quite lovely, I love the cross and the writing in the background, it gives the manga an unique look, along with hinting at the good verus evil motif that is so central to this manga. This cover also earns more love from me for featuring L, hee hee =)