Originally posted: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 on Blogger

cover of the third game

I’ve recently finished PW3, and I must say it was very enjoyable. Some of the plot twist were obvious, others not so much. I am really happy that Capcom decided to bring it over in the first place. Phoenix Wright is an excellent game and I am definitely looking forward to playing Apollo Justice soon.

All the cases were well written, but the second case was the weakest out of the five. Still, the second case was really amusing, especially the ace detective…Zvarii!! The last case, as with all phoenix wright games, was the longest and most complicated, and it also had the most unexpected conclusion!

Another aspect of PW that I really enjoy is the reoccurring characters. Although there are a lot of new characters in this game, the developers still made room for some of the old characters to make a come back. Oldbag is back and so is Larry, along with Maggie, the police lady from the second game, who is now a waitress. We also get to see a younger phoenix at the witness stand in the first case. But best of all, all the defense attorneys and prosecutors make an appearance!! And for two of the five cases, you will play as Mia, back when she was still a rookie. And without spoiling anything, I just want to say that the last case ties all three games up nicely together. PW can definitely be called a trilogy!


As I have said before, all the defense attorneys and prosecutors are back! Winston Payne is back in the first case, where he faces off against Mia, but this time he has hair!!! We also meet our final prosecutor in the PW trilogy, Godot (which makes me think the developers read “Waiting for Godot”, a really interesting play), who is a coffee addict that seems to want to defeat Phoenix in court. But even better, in the fourth case, we meet a younger Edgeworth as he faces off against Mia in his first court debut…hehe! But best of all, Edgeworth comes back in the last case and plays the defense attorney with Franziska as the prosecutor!!!! But not to worry, he doesn’t steal the spot light from Phoenix, he only takes over for a day and then Phoenix is back as the leading character. This was a delightful surprise. I’ve always loved Edgeworth and Franziska, so I was glad the two of them made an appearance. Godot was also pretty interesting. Oh dear me, I seem to like only the prosecutors! hehe. what can I say, the prosecutors are the most interesting characters =P That’s not to say I don’t like Phoenix, I’m actually quite sad to see him go, since the next game will star Apollo. I will also miss Maya and Pearl, they were also favourites of mine.


Out of all supporting characters for this game, my favourite is Furio Tigre from the third case. Not only is he a funny mobster, but he has an uncanny resemblance to a certain someone =) And I just love his phrase, “Whose ya looking at?” ahahahaha! And I like how he acts very tough, but when Viola says something, he listens and sucks up to her. hehehe.

In closing, PW3 is a solid point and click adventure, and it continues the great story telling and fun game play I’ve come to expect from PW. Its a worthy addition to anyone’s DS library and I will definitely be picking up Apollo Justice.