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I recently finished reading the fifth volume of Please Save My Earth. Overall, not much happened in this volume. But I will give my impression of it nonetheless, and I will try to write less formally (which is a bad habit of mine.) Now onto the actual impression:


The fifth volume continues where the fourth left off. As I have recently started this blog, I do not have the impressions from volumes 1 through 4 because I read them awhile ago. If you have not read Please Save My Earth, I suggest you skip over this post as I will detail all that happened in book five without explaining preceding volumes.

As I said before, the fifth volume starts right where the fourth left off. Tamura-san is getting ready to leave Tokyo, but before he leaves, he has a heartwarming chat with Haruhiko who “jumps” to confirm his departure. The next day, Tamura-san is at the train station and calls out to Haruhiko to write to him as he boards the train with Takashi. As the train moves out of the station, Tamura-san sees Rin through the window holding up a sign that asks for a souvenir from Kyoto. The next day Haruhiko with new courage prepares to meet the other five moon dreamers as Shion. They meet at Daisuke’s house, the usual meeting spot, and everyone is excited about finally meeting Shion. Everyone of the moon dreamers is present, expect for Alice, who is convinced she is not Mokuren. When they do finally meet, everyone is easily convinced that Haruhiko is Shion because of the physical similarities between them. However, Sakura and Issei are shocked to see him, for they remember Haruhiko as the boy who tried to drown himself in the river. After Haruhiko leaves, Sakura shows some doubt as to whether he really is Shion, but Issei insists she minds her own business.

After the meeting, Rin takes Haruhiko to the sea and threatens him. He is displeased to learn that Haruhiko tried to kill himself, because loosing Haruhiko would ruin Rin’s plans. He threatens him with Tamura-san and warns Haruhiko against telling Tamura-san anything. Rin tells Haruhiko that the meeting with Mokuren will have to be postponed due to the changes in the plans and leaves. When Rin leaves, Haruhiko is dumbstruck, for he realizes that the letter he sent Tamura-san reveals everything and if Tamura-san were to read it, Rin would surely kill him. To fix this mistaken, Haruhiko “jumps” several times to reach Tamura-san’s home in Kyoto, where Takashi finds him stumped over at the front gate. Haruhiko begs Takashi to find his letter, but Takashi doesn’t find it, so Haruhiko asks him to rip it for him when it does arrive. Meanwhile, Tamura-san goes to Mikuro’s house in search of him, but is politely turned away by his mother when Tamura-san mentions ESP. Confused, Tamura calls Mikuro’s brother, who is a close friend of his, and asks what happened. It turns out that Mikuro’s mother is overly sensitive about people trying to find out about Mikuro’s ESP.

Meanwhile, its evening in Tokyo and Rin comes to see Alice, she thanks him for the carnations and tells him that they told her that Shion did not in fact send them. Rin admits he picked them out, but insists that Shion paid for them. He also sets up the next date for Alice and Shion to meet. And the day finally arrives, Haruhiko posing as Shion comes to meet Alice, but before they come to the meeting spot, Haruhiko asks Rin why he is so sure that Alice is in fact Mokuren, when she, herself, denies it so strongly. Rin tells Haruhiko something interesting; when he regained his memory as Shion, he sent Alice a memory of Mokuren and Shion, but only half complete. Alice was able to fill in the blanks, and this proves she is Mokuren. Haruhiko asks why he does not continue to help her regain her memory. Rin sadly replies that after that first vision, Alice started to strongly deny she was Mokuren and rejected further insistences. Rin hopes that Haruhiko will be able to calmly reawaken her.

When Haruhiko and Alice finally meet, Rin begins to get a little jealous. He leaves them to cool down, but every time he sees them getting along so well, he can’t help but feel jealous. Then he remembers something, something he had rather not and leaves the two of them alone. Alice is a little surprised, but the meeting goes on. Haruhiko begins to ask her about what she likes and determines that Alice is very similar to Mokuren. Then for 10 pages there is a misprint in my volume so I am not quite sure what happens >__________< When the pages resume their normal flow, Sakura and Issei are walking through the park and they happen upon Haruhiko holding onto Alice VERY tightly.

My Thoughts

Well that was quite a long summary, longer then I thought it would be ^^;;

Not much happens in this volume, its mostly setting the stage for the coming volumes, and as a result its much weaker in the story department then the preceding four volumes. Noteworthy occurrences in this volume include; the meeting of Haruhiko with the moon dreamers and Alice. Besides these two things, not much else happens that is of the utter most importance. Hopefully in volume six the story will pick up.

As for the cover, its alright, I’m not a huge Mokuren fan, so this cover doesn’t really stand out. Other then that, I’m really angry at the misprinted pages; there were about TEN pages that were a duplicate of some earlier pages….so I’m basically missing ten pages of the story >__<