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>Final Fantasy Tactics A2<

I’ve been waiting for the North American release of this game for quite some time. I first fell in love with the Final Fantasy Tactics franchise when I played the gameboy advance installment titled, “Final Fantasy Tactics Advance”, or FFTA for short. Sadly I haven’t played the first Tactics game for PS1, nor its re-release on the PSP. If they were to port it to a nintendo system, then I would definitely check it out. Its not so much that I refuse to buy a sony system (I actually do have a PS2), rather I refuse to buy a sony system for one game and the PS1 version is hard to come by and when I do see it used, it is ridiculously overpriced. But enough on the original tactics and more on the third installment ( or should I say second…)

FFTA2 is a lot like its predecessor, FFTA, so if you liked FFTA, like I did, you will most likely enjoy FFTA2. Both games put you in the shoes of a young male hero, who finds himself transported into the land of Ivalice. There is a marked difference between FFTA and FFTA2’s Ivalice. The first game’s Ivalice was one created through powerful magics and based on the desires of a little boy and hence did not really exist. FFTA2’s Ivalice is the real thing, rather then creating an Ivalice, the Grimoire transports our hero into Ivalice. (more…)

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I finally finished reading Magic Knight Rayearth volume 2. I’ve been trying to finish reading it for over a month. This volume is almost as quick paced as the first, expect that there are moments in this volume that are slowed down. Usually moments involving character interactions, fight scenes are as quick paced as they were in volume one.


Volume two has the magic knights off searching for the legendary mineral Escudo. And as usual, it starts off exactly where the previous volume finished, the magic knights spot someone in a tree and are preparing for attack. But Mokona jumps up on the lad and gives him a hug. This convinces Hikaru that this person is not evil, because Mokona would not take to someone with an evil heart. The young man introduces himself as Ferio, a swordsman, who is also looking for the legendary Escudo. He warns our heroines that magic and anything magical is useless inside the forest. Fuu then strikes a bargain with him; if he becomes their bodyguard, they will show him the way to Eterna Fountain. Ferio accepts and they are on their way. Along the way, a monster impenetrable to weapons attacks the group, and Ferio works especially hard to save Fuu. She seems to develop a crush on him, and blushes everytime Umi suggests she like Ferio. Once the group comes out of the forest, the witch, Alcione, stands waiting for them and attacks Umi who is the first to reach the exit. (more…)

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cover of the third game

I’ve recently finished PW3, and I must say it was very enjoyable. Some of the plot twist were obvious, others not so much. I am really happy that Capcom decided to bring it over in the first place. Phoenix Wright is an excellent game and I am definitely looking forward to playing Apollo Justice soon.

All the cases were well written, but the second case was the weakest out of the five. Still, the second case was really amusing, especially the ace detective…Zvarii!! The last case, as with all phoenix wright games, was the longest and most complicated, and it also had the most unexpected conclusion!

Another aspect of PW that I really enjoy is the reoccurring characters. Although there are a lot of new characters in this game, the developers still made room for some of the old characters to make a come back. Oldbag is back and so is Larry, along with Maggie, the police lady from the second game, who is now a waitress. We also get to see a younger phoenix at the witness stand in the first case. But best of all, all the defense attorneys and prosecutors make an appearance!! And for two of the five cases, you will play as Mia, back when she was still a rookie. And without spoiling anything, I just want to say that the last case ties all three games up nicely together. PW can definitely be called a trilogy!

SPOILERS NOW!!!! (more…)

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I recently finished reading the fifth volume of Please Save My Earth. Overall, not much happened in this volume. But I will give my impression of it nonetheless, and I will try to write less formally (which is a bad habit of mine.) Now onto the actual impression:


The fifth volume continues where the fourth left off. As I have recently started this blog, I do not have the impressions from volumes 1 through 4 because I read them awhile ago. If you have not read Please Save My Earth, I suggest you skip over this post as I will detail all that happened in book five without explaining preceding volumes.

As I said before, the fifth volume starts right where the fourth left off. Tamura-san is getting ready to leave Tokyo, but before he leaves, he has a heartwarming chat with Haruhiko who “jumps” to confirm his departure. The next day, Tamura-san is at the train station and calls out to Haruhiko to write to him as he boards the train with Takashi. As the train moves out of the station, Tamura-san sees Rin through the window holding up a sign that asks for a souvenir from Kyoto. The next day Haruhiko with new courage prepares to meet the other five moon dreamers as Shion. They meet at Daisuke’s house, the usual meeting spot, and everyone is excited about finally meeting Shion. Everyone of the moon dreamers is present, expect for Alice, who is convinced she is not Mokuren. When they do finally meet, everyone is easily convinced that Haruhiko is Shion because of the physical similarities between them. However, Sakura and Issei are shocked to see him, for they remember Haruhiko as the boy who tried to drown himself in the river. After Haruhiko leaves, Sakura shows some doubt as to whether he really is Shion, but Issei insists she minds her own business. (more…)

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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Episodes 1 ~ 5

The title screen. Looks exactly like a shoujo magical girl show.

At first glance, Nanoha looks like a typical magical girl anime and it follows the formula quite well in its first four episodes, expect in one respect; unlike the typical magical girl shows, Nanoha is not from the shoujo genre.  It is strangely enough a shounen magical girl show yet at the same time, the fan service is pretty minimal (except for episode 5) and the girls are actually likeable. It’s those few shots of fan service that provide the only evidence that this was made with males in mind, but the story and characters are pretty typical shoujo stuff and as such, it can be enjoyed by these fans as well. (more…)

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Manga Profile: Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind

It’s time for another manga profile and this time its on a timeless classic, Nausicaa. There are a lot of different english editions of Nausicaa floating around, and the edition I own is the “Perfect Collection”, comprised of four extra thick volumes. Because I own this edition, this profile will be based upon it. So I just want to say that you should keep that in mind, because the newer editions are thinner and are comprised of seven volumes. I’m pointing this out so not to confuse anyone. =)

As with all the other profiles, to the left is the first volume of Nausicaa. Although its not horrible, it doesn’t do enough justice to the artwork inside the covers. Viz rather neglected the appearance of Nausicaa, so don’t let this cover fool you, the art inside is much more lovely.

Basic Information:

Title: Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind

Author: Miyazaki Hayao

Volumes: 4

Publisher: Tokuma Shoten

NA Publisher: Viz Communications


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Manga Profile: Dream Saga

Here I am again with another manga profile; this time its on Dream Saga, a cute and short series by Tachikawa, Megumi. I’ve been doing only manga profiles so far, because in general, I prefer manga to anime. Hope you enjoy this profile as well. =)

As always, to the left, is the first volume of Dream Saga, it features the leading character, Yuuki. All volume covers follow this trend and have Yuuki in various outfits on the cover. Its not break-taking, but it’s still a nice cover.

Basic Information:

Title: Dream Saga / Mugen Densetsu Takamagahara

Author: Tachikawa Megumi

Volumes: 5

Publisher: Kodansha (in Nakayoshi)

NA Publisher: Tokyopop (defunct)

The Story

The story of Dream Saga is steeped in Japanese mythology and as you read along, you’ll probably learn a few new things if you are not acquainted with it already. The main myth that is involved in the tale of Dream Saga, is the myth of the Goddess Amaterasu, who is the world’s sun. In the myth, Amaterasu hides herself in a cave because her brother, the god of the sea, is becoming increasingly violent. The other gods decide to throw a party in front of the cave entrance in order to stir her interest and persuade her to come outside again. (more…)

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Manga Profile: Planet Ladder

It’s time for another manga profile, this time its on Planet Ladder, a short but somewhat confusing series. It is comprised of seven volumes and is translated by Tokyopop. I’ve read all seven volumes, so this profile is written with all volumes in mind. I would also like to warn everyone that this profile contains spoilers, so if you don’t want the manga spoiled for you, don’t read :)

To the left, is the alluring first volume cover. It was this beautiful cover that inspired me to try Planet Ladder for myself. The beauty of Planet Ladder’s cover just beckons you to give it a try.

Basic Information

Title: Planet Ladder

Author: Narushima Yuri

Volumes: 7

Publisher: Sobisha (Crimson Comics)

NA Publisher: Tokyopop (defunct)

The Story

Planet Ladder’s story is one that is rather confusing, yet after a second reading, it begins to make more sense. I find that its unique terminology is often the root of all this confusion. For I often find myself asking “what in the world is a collasper/ect…” Going with the previous example, the collasper is not explained until the very end of volume one and within a bonus section where the author showcases some of the weapons and items in her manga and explains what each does. I find the story telling would flow much better, if little boxes were present in the manga to give a quick explanation of any terminology or items unique to the manga, rather then them being explained at the end or in following volumes. (more…)

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